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Clock with ornament 8 elements of D-20cm

450,00 грн.

Round quartz watch with ornament 8 elements. Diameter – 20cm.


The base – a fiberboard (3-4 mm), a plate is manually covered with linen on both sides. On the front side, embroidered Ukrainian ornament or made a vivid application. Clock is made on the basis of a quartz mechanism. On the reverse there is a plastic loop, with the help of which it is possible to hang the clock on the wall. The kit includes a plastic transparent stand and a battery for the clock. The watch is packed in a box of white cardboard.

Clock, wall, desk

In the world, a huge number of variants of the clock, they all differ from each other by a variety of mechanisms or the principle of operation, the main ones are quantum, electronic, mechanical, pendulum, solar, and sandwich clocks. And of course, all of them are different in appearance.

Our brand has produced a series of designer watches, which we would like to present to you as an original gift with Ukrainian flavor. We produce watches: round, rectangular, square with straight corners and rounded. Circles – d = 31cm, d = 20cm, square 30×30, rectangular-20×30.

Our watches are manufactured with a quartz movement, they can be classified as wall, table, souvenir, decorative.

Dial faced with natural linen with colorful elements of embroidery and applique.

What are our watches different from many others?

Our watches are positive!

Methods of application

We will not open the America, we need the watches to control our life rhythm, to warn our lulls at the scheduled meetings. Our watches are no exception, they also show what hour. The watches of ourproduction can be used as wall-mounted, hung them for a loop on the back of the clock mechanism, and desktop. With the supplied stand, the watch can be installed on a shelf, fireplace or table.

Product Care

We take care of the product with the help of a vacuum cleaner and a small nozzle, gently pulling the arrows in the direction so that they are drawn into the bag.



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