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Bib – Kalina

140,00 грн.

Baby bibs made of linen, linen and trim are made of colored bakey.

The image on the bibs is an application in the form of nice pictures that will surely please your children.

The size of the bibs is 24×28 cm

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Bib of comfortable size and shape. Suitable for a newborn baby and an older child.

Bright, sympathetic picture is pleasant to the touch, it will ease the feeding process, providing mom and baby with cleanliness and comfort.

Bib is a very necessary and glamorous accessory for the smallest mods. It is tied with colored napkins around the neck. Bib are also called bibs, they cover the upper part of the chest and protect clothing from pollution when the baby eats. When drawing a baby, he will not be replaced by drawing. Some of our little users do not want to shoot the pussies, even going for a walk. Children feel in this bib very gorgeous and happy.

How to take care of the product properly.

  1. Smooth washing, which does not subject to strong mechanical treatment, when squeezing – slow mode of the centrifuge.

2.Automatic or manual washing in warm water is possible, at a temperature not exceeding 30 * (the temperature limitation applies only to washing, the operation does not include restrictions).

3.You can not bleach. Do not use detergents containing bleach (chlorine) when washing.

4.Can not squeeze and dry in the washing machine.


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