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Bag for phones – Black and red stripes

75,00 грн.

A universal bag made of natural material – flax, with the original embroidery on the front of the product and tightened with a lace on top.

Size – 13×7 cm

Composition – 100% flax

The bag is made of natural linen. The pouch is closed and opened in one movement, in the presence of practical and simple ties. It has a rectangular shape and is suitable not only as a bag for mobile phones, but also as a festive packaging for gifts, for storing buttons or keys …

Thanks to the features of the fabric, such a case never slipped out of hand, the case will partially protect the phone from impacts, water, sand, dirt. This is the most versatile model for today, it is suitable for 90% of mobile phones in the cellular market.

Cover for ……?

At first such a bag was made for a mobile phone as a cover, which will protect our device from scratches and dust. Since the cover is made of natural linen, another function – a napkin – was automatically added to the cover. With a dummy bag you can perfectly wipe the mobile device with dust and remove traces of your fingers. In addition, this “house for the phone” looks rather stylish. As soon as you get a similar accessory, you will understand how practical and comfortable are our covers. This accessory can be used as a cosmetic bag or to store glasses in it.

If you come up to this issue creatively, you can find many ways to use for such a thing, beautiful and unusual, for example, to advertise your company or product. One of the options is the company’s advertising on our products. This simple and at the same time an effective way to promote the product at various presentations and business meetings. Such small but pleasant “trivia” can be given both to visitors of presentations, to guests and to constant clients of the company.

Thus, even ordinary mobile phone bags can make their highlight, both in advertising the company and in creating its image. If you wish, you can put on a gift bag a logo, slogan, wishes or embroider the name of a person. Our bags attract attention because they are unique and unique.

Make your loved ones, partners, acquaintances joy, bringing them a surprise in a beautiful gift bag.

Proper flaxseed bag.

The bag is easy to care, if necessary, it can be washed in a washing machine or simply rinsed and dried.

WARNING! If you store food in a bowl – Do not wash the bag with fragrant detergents and never use rinses – otherwise your stores will absorb this odor.

1. Wash gently. Exactly withstand the temperature of water, do not subjected to strong mechanical treatment, with squeezing – slow mode centrifuge.

2. Wash in warm water (temperature up to 30 C)

3. Chew on high temperature (up to 200 C)

4. You can not bleach. Do not use detergents containing bleach (chlorine) when washing.

5. Do not dry in the washing machine.


The prototype of bags for a mobile phone and bags in general is a bag that attaches to the waist (men), and women were wearing laces. You can say it was a variant of the “original” pocket.

The bags were intended to carry money and, having made a purchase, the owner simply threw the bag or gave it with the money. For tobacco such a bag was called – kisset.

With the development of secular life, the bags began to pay more attention, in addition to money, mirrors, snuff boxes they began to be put in them, but they still hid in the lush skirts of the dresses of that time.

With the advent of mobile phones, this accessory was reborn and came up very well as a phone case. Someone once again dropped a mobile phone on a dirty sidewalk – then it came to mind to the person that there should be some way (such as mobile cases or cases) that would protect the phone in adverse conditions.


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